Another UFO Over Los Angeles!?!

2 min read

While driving down the street, on the way to my very, very humble abode, the dash camera captured what first seemed to be a meteorite entering the atmosphere. However, after a moment of watching the object soar across the sky it made a turn. A TURN! Meteorites don’t turn! There’s only one object that can turn mid-flight and that’s an alien space craft. There’s no other explanation for something so bright that has the ability to turn. There’s no other explanation at all. If someone even tries to the fact that this was a UFO I will call them a liar, and rightly so.

I know this story sounds crazy, but there’s the hard proof of what was flying over the skies of Los Angeles that day.

There you have it. The cold hard truth. A UFO flying over the skies of Los Angeles. As clear as the dark sky.

So I say again, this here is a UFO. There’s no way it was a member of the Red Bull sky diving team flying over downtown Los Angeles with a flare attached to their foot to celebrate the opening of a new building. There’s no way at all that it could be that. The only true and clear explanation is what I’m been saying all along. Clearly, it’s a UFO.

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