Human Skulls for Your Fire Pit

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I don’t have a fire pit. I wish I had a fire pit, but I do not have one.

I guess that’s for the best, since I live in an apartment and all. The pit would have to be built in a way that it floats so it’s not in the way of the parking, but also doesn’t go so high that makes it not worth it. Personally, I don’t think a fire pit is meant for my location.

This is sad news for me. It’s sad for all the people in my neighborhood, because I just found something so freaking cool that I had to immediately write up this post about it.

Human Skulls for your fire pit!

Well, they’re for anything really, but they’ll bring the room together nicely if they’re thrown into a pit. Pits are like the hotspot for burning skulls. If I were to write a movie about people finding a skull, I think the best location for them to find it would be in a fire pit. It brings up a bunch of questions, like “why is this skull in a fire pit?” which is a really interesting question after you’ve found a skull in a fire pit.

I want to be upfront and honest about this, while my link is an affiliate one, because anyone linking to Amazon should always use an affiliate link, I have never seen or tested these products. This isn’t a review. This isn’t a commercial. If you buy these and think they suck, let me know. Maybe I’ll say something in this post about your experience. HOWEVER, the company does seem to specialize in this stuff, so I’m giving them the benefit of doubt. I believe these people are what they say they are. Even though I’m leaving enough room for me to shrug and say “idonknow” in that really fast way where it’s barely heard, if anything goes awry.

That might not be great for pitching this to you, but I’m not going to lie and say I’ve seen it when I haven’t. It still should be super cool. No matter what.

Here’s the link for you to go find and buy them. Which I suggest you do. Then I suggest you let me know how cool they are. The company that makes them is call MYard and can be found here.

I also think the rainbow fire packs would go awesome with them.

These I have purchased and seen in person. They worked exactly as promised and were awesome! I couldn’t image a better pair than these skulls and the rainbow fire. Get these bad boys here!

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