Why Not? A Mini Compound Bow Archery Set

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Of course, we all know that the compound bow was first invented in 1966 by Holless Wilbur Alen in North Kansas City, Missouri. I feel like that’s taught in every school and should be common knowledge. What might not be known is that there are miniature compound bow archery sets! How cool is that!?

These things aren’t for play, either. They’re serious. Even if you swap out the sharp looking arrows they’re using in this item for a blunted stick, you’re going to hurt someone. These are not toys to shoot at friends, enemies, or anyone in between. They’re for messing up drywall. Well, you’re supposed to put up a target and tell people that it’s what you were aiming for, but you don’t have to. We all know you’re going to miss a bunch and leave the drywall with little holes all over it. I’m not speaking to this from experience. I don’t own one of the compound bows… I own a miniature crossbow. Totally different.

When you’re not shooting the wall you can pop balloons with it, too. That might be the real use case. OHHH, that might be the best use case. Take this to the carnival. Head over to the balloon dart game. Have your friend throw the darts and you shoot the balloons with this. Next, knock out the person running the game, jump the counter, swap out the arrows for the darts, hop back over the counter again, call an ambulance. Once they come and revive the worker you can pick your prize! Dang, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this until now. It’s such an obvious thing to do. (Legal note: Absolutely never do that.)

Back to the cool mini compound bow set. So, as I mentioned, I do not own this one. I’m not paid to promote it, I just think it looks awesome and I want people who think the same to see it. I do, however, own the mini crossbow (seen below) and it works in a very similar manner and it’s extremely fun.

They’re all dangerous enough, because you are shooting sharp objects, but they don’t really have enough power to hurt someone from far enough away. My mini crossbow actually hits air resistance kind of quickly and turns the toothpick (mine only shoots toothpicks) sideways. Toothpicks aren’t really made for this. I can’t imagine this being much better (watch the video in the link, there’s a suspicious cut when they shoot from far), but who knows? I’ve been surprised at least once in my life.

Welp, if talking about these made you gird your loins in anticipation of owning one (or both), you can buy it here or click the images above, or the one below.

And if you’re interested in the toothpick shooting crossbow that I own, you can find that right here or click the image above, or the one below!

Happy drywall hunting!

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