Top 5 Largest Earthquakes Ever

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You know how when the one thing that you’ve always known to be true (that the earth is a solid) changes in an instant, you immediately poop yourself? I do. I really, really do. Like 10 pairs of pant (why is “pair of pants?” it’s already plural by calling it a pair) are gone because of this. I’m a little more scared about these things though, so maybe I have a hair trigger when it comes to pooping myself.

You know what? I really need to stop these opening tangents. Maybe you don’t want to hear about how I’ve pooped myself countless times for no reason other than I thought the ground might be shaking a little. It’s even worse when I’m in a car or bus. Whatever though, I’m sure you still don’t want to know too much. Eh, whatever again. I’ll write about whatever I feel like writing about!

*Take a breath, Sean. Calm down.*

Ok, so we’re here to talk about earthquakes. Not just any earthquakes, but the biggest ones ever recorded at the time of publication for this video. I’m sure it hasn’t changed much. There was a surge of giant quakes for a bit in the early 21st century, but they seem to have calmed down (uh oh… I hope I didn’t jinx anything). In any case, they had catching up to do if any of them wanted to be the strongest recorded quakes we’ve ever seen. That scary winner is an older one that I really hope we don’t see anything comparable to again. It was a very intense one.

Having said that, why are we talking about the quakes when we can start learning about them right now.

Here are your top 5 largest recorded earthquakes of all time.

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