How To Drive in Los Angeles Vol. 19

2 min read

We’ve all driven cars, right? No? Oh, well… most of us have driven cars, right? Still no? Dang. Ok, ok. her we go, I got it. People drive cars, right? Yeah they do. People do drive cars. They drive them left and right, straight and in reverse. The roads are a magical place.

The magic of the roads might express itself in different ways. Sometimes the roads say “I love you,” but most of the time the roads say “you thought this was a game!?!” and then they spit on you. It’s not always the road’s fault, though. A lot of the time (as with most everything) it’s humans that cause these problems. The roads can be nice if a little pothole-y, but you can see potholes coming and avoid them. People, on the other hand, can come out of nowhere and cause everything from emotional damage to physical damage. Sure, we may live in a society with many people who all need to survive, but why worry about anyone else when you’ve got to look out for number one?

Ok, so that was a little bit of a rant. I don’t care. I’m keeping it. I don’t want to rewrite anything here. It explains my feelings towards this How To Drive in Los Angeles compilation.

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