Stop Motion NES RetroPie Build

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Raspberry Pi’s are lil’ computers that can be programmed to do many, many different things. People are building anything from LED light boxes to farming equipment and so much more that you will have a tough time picking a project if you get your hands on one.

The computers cost between $5 and $40 and are the most basic of basic. You don’t get anything but the computer itself, no monitor, no power cord, not even a case. Once you get your gear together and hook it up, you can program the Pi yourself, or search for a project that someone else has done. OR, you can just install an operating system and use it as a computer.

It may sound like these are only for programmers, but that’s not true. Well, maybe it is true, but what the good creators have done is put their projects and guides online. The majority of what you might think of making has probably been done with the creator writing instructions on how to recreate it yourself. That means that as long as you can follow instructions you should be able to create whatever you want. Which is what I have done..

Using these instructions found on I built my very own emulation station.

It’s actually a pretty simple method, but getting everything packed in that cartridge is pretty tough. Also you have to wait for everything to be shipped to you. Which is honestly, the worst part.

Since Zach at HowChoo did sure a good write up (and video) I figured the only thing left for me to do was to copy his build in stop motion form.

Sounds like the only logical conclusion to me!

If’n you want to make one for yourself and you didn’t click the link already, here’s the link again.

And why did I use Othello? Because Shakespeare is coming to 3D. Check it out here.

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