Thief Gets Busted While Still Inside Car

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Los Angeles, California, is the crime capital of the world.

Why just yesterday I was watching as Fox News described my horrible surroundings. It couldn’t have been more accurate, either. There is literal shit on the streets that we regularly have to walk through. The liberals take kids out of school and literally force them to step in human feces on the sidewalks. That’s before they take them to camps where they force them to become polyamorous transexuals. They do all of this while chanting about satan saving the world through socialism. After all of that, there’s a parade down the street that is really just riots and looting in disguise. Finally everyone stops in front of an old folks home (picked out previously) and drags the people outside while stealing their social security income. This is a daily occurrence. So yeah, Fox News did get it right.

Speaking of the crime, this one hit close to home. My one time neighbor in my one time neighborhood had parked his car next to the building while he went to his other car to grab an item. In that time a neighborhood roaming loser walked by and tested the handle. Unfortunately the door was unlocked, so the man got in.

You can watch the video here:

Now that you’re up to date, I can let you know that the criminal was missing something when he left. The dummy can’t even steal right. The point of theft is to have more than you started with, not less. Oh well, you can’t fix anything with him now.

If you’re the criminal and would like your face removed, please send me a note requesting so. Make sure to have your full name and address included, so I can confirm and file it. I wouldn’t want to hurt your dumb thieving feelings by letting everyone know what you do on the weekends.

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