How To Drive in Los Angeles Volume 2

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As seen on many different sites across the globe, here’s How To Drive in Los Angeles Vol. 2.

For whatever reason, this one blew up pretty big when it was released. A couple of large websites posted it, and it had a cute little time being kind of viral for a couple of days. If you didn’t see it already, that’s ok. Not everyone did. I mean, you should still feel bad about yourself for not having seen it yet, but you’re in the right place now.

So this is the follow up to How To Drive in Los Angeles Vol. 1. I wish there was an easier way to convey that. Maybe I should do something with their thumbnails. ThisĀ compilation brings the noise and the funk by not really doing much other than capturing bad drivers in L.A. Which, honestly, is easier than shooting fish in a barrel. If you drive a lot in this city you might be able to makeĀ a compilation like this every week or so. It just depends on how much you can get on the camera itself. Sometimes you’re at the wrong angle and end up with nothing, which is a bummer. I’ve missed out on some really cool stuff because of that.

Whatevs, lets hit the road:

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