Ridgecrest Earthquakes As Felt in Los Angeles

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These videos won’t show a powerful earthquake. They only show the light shaking of the earth that was felt 150 miles away from the epicenter of the 7.1 temblor on July 5th, 2019. In Ridgecrest the shaking was violent and scary. I was not there for it, but I have been through a different large earthquake and I know what it feels like. It was probably the only time I thought I was in an extremely serious situation. For the quake I was in I was in an old wooden school building (the tall kind, 3 stories) and honestly thought the building was going to split in half. Really though, the shaking was so violent and scary because the building was absorbing it. We were actually in one of the safer buildings that day.
Anyway, this isn’t about that quake, this is about the large Ridgecrest ones that shook Southern California on July 4th and 5th of the year 2019 and the calm videos I took of the event.

The first video will show you how it looked from a cars point of view outside. I’ll give you a warning, you have to look extremely close at the BMW to see it move, but once you notice it move you can tell that it was definitely shaking. Here’s the video:

This second video is from inside an apartment. Again, it doesn’t look as rough as it was, although this quake was a roller, which shakes very different from a side to side shaker. Side to side quakes are the ones that you see the most damage from, rollers feel like you’re on a dock as a boats wake goes underneath. You’ll see the most shaking in this video if you look at the hanging chains from the overhead fan or the rods hanging from the blinds.
ALSO! Take note of Snake the Tailless. He’s very fascinated by the experience. I don’t think he was too scared by the whole thing, after all, he was born only a couple of weeks before the St. Patrick’s Day quake where this happened, so he’s a pro. If you are curious, Snake did give out a warning. He meowed a few louder than usual meows before the shaking hit.
Well, long story long, here’s the video from inside:

And there you go. That’s what the Ridgecrest earthquake looked like from inside a cluttered apartment in Los Angeles.

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