How To Drive in Los Angeles Vol. 13

1 min read

It’s finally time for another compilation of the terrible little things that drivers in Los Angeles do. Sure, no one in the world should do most of this stuff, but it’s regular everyday action for us. I guess this is what happens when you have drivers from all over the world, at all different skills levels, dropped into a city designed for pro drivers.

Sure, there are signs, lights, and all sorts of other things to help guide drivers, but I don’t know that anyone here looks at them or even knows they’re there.. It’s almost a rule to ignore the rules when you get on the road here. On the other hand, if everyone ignored the signs and signals we would have even worse traffic than now, so obviously I’m not the only one stopping at stop signs.

Maybe it’s best for everyone if those of us that pay attention still follow the rules and just capture the idiot drivers on dash cam for internet compilations? That sounds like it would work best.

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