Driving Through Tuna Canyon in a Porsche

1 min read

There’s nothing like driving through the hills in a convertible Porsche. Not only is it what Porsche’s are made for (driving, cars are made for driving), but it’s really enjoyable. This wasn’t in one of those easy driving automatic cars either, this was done in fancy stick shift. That’s right, pat me on the back, I can drive stick.
Anyway, this particular road is hidden in the hills of Topanga, near Malibu, California. If you have the time it’s a very, very fun drive. You go down a hill on a one-lane one-way road. It’s definitely not something to do fast though, there are some good turns and the barriers probably won’t stop you from going into the canyon if you lose control. Even with that, it’s 100% worth it for any person that wants to have a good time driving. I highly suggest hitting it after driving The Snake on the Mulholland Highway. I also highly suggest doing it in a convertible. Convertibles are always fun.

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