Throwing Trash Out The Taxi Window?

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Yes, we all know that people are jerks. Sometimes they’re huge jerks. Somethings they’re little jerks. More importantly, sometimes they get called out for being jerks.
This time, the person got exactly what they deserved.

Now I’ve caught some jerk throwing trash out of their car before, but I wasn’t in a spot to do anything about it. Also, I probably wouldn’t have done anything about it because I’m cautious about other peoples level of craziness. Whatever, though. My point is more about the trash being thrown of a car than it is about whether or not I’d do anything about it. Throwing trash from your car is one of the laziest, jackass-iest, jerk storest thing a person could do. Honestly, I think you should be hung upside down by your toe nails if you do it… Okay, okay, I don’t really think that. It’s just something I’m saying to add a little more space to this write up.

Speaking of adding space, instead of acting like a recipe blog with life stories about grandma and how she used to forget to wash her hands after using the bathroom and before she hand mixed the most delicious cookie batter, I think I’ll jump ahead.

This here is a great justice boner of a video. Some jerk hole decided to throw some trash from a taxi and it looks like the driver wasn’t too into it. Take a look and enjoy.

Now about my grandma and her habitual non-washing of the hands after the bathroom…

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