UFO Tumbles Over Los Angeles

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There’s nothing like a good old fashioned UFO sighting, right?

Maybe you disagree, in which case you are no fun and should immediately leave this website. I don’t want no no fun having fools up in my grill.
If you agree with me, then please relax, grab a drink, get some food, and hang out for a while.

I was driving along Olympic Boulevard (holy shit! I spelled that right on my first attempt!) in the great city of Los Angeles, California, when I spotted something interesting in the sky. It wasn’t like the usual things we see in the sky over here (airplanes and helicopters… lots and lots of helicopters), this was something different. It kept shining and tumbling around. Moving in such an odd way that it couldn’t be something made on this planet of ours. It had to be from somewhere beyond. It was absolutely an Unidentified Flying Object. I couldn’t tell what it was, no one around me shouted into my car to tell me what it was, and there was no sign hanging from it.
With no obvious clues, I’m left to guess what it could have been. Which, of course, leads me to believe it’s of alien origin. From another planet made by beings much more advanced than us. No human could create something like this. That’s a fact.

Well, enough of my blabbering on about it. Time for the video!

Oh, I do have one other point to make in this post. I’ve heard people say that if aliens were truly visiting out planet than we would have plenty of footage because of the abundance cell phones and the cameras they have. Well, here’s my video, captured on my cell phone – a Samsung S8. Notice how crappy the footage gets when I zoom in? Notice how you can’t see the object UNTIL I zoom in? Notice that cell phones use a wide angle lens so they can capture the most in a close shot? And know that I had to rest it on my steering wheel to stabilize the video enough for the shoot to be visible.

Just because the majority of us carry a camera everywhere doesn’t mean we carry a quality camera with an optical zoom that can capture a solid image of something miles in the sky.

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