Fireworks From the 4th Floor

2 min read

Sleep!?! What the fuck is sleep!?! Yeah, I have to be up at 6am tomorrow morning, but the 4th of July only comes once a year. And the fireworks are only going to be going off for this one night (and the week prior, and possibly week after). I wouldn’t even imagine missing out on it. It’s fantastic!

This is one of the great reasons to live in a city. On top of this, to live in a city near Mexico filled with immigrants from all over the world. These people are risking thousand dollar fines to put smiles on kids faces… and my face. They’re really going all out and it’s just awesome.

While filming tonight I decided to head to the 4th floor of my apartment building and film out the window on the fire escape. I was looking over the city, watching the explosions go off in the distance and then…

I honestly loved this. It was so great. The sound isn’t really captured here, but it kind of shows you what it was like. The boom was great, the explosion was great, and it all happened right in front of my face.

However you feel about fireworks, you have to admit that this is pretty damn cool.

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