Flying From Los Angeles to the Northwest

2 min read

Ever moved from one place to another? I’m not talking about moving like living somewhere else, I’m talking moving like literally moving your body from one location to another. Have you ever done that? Because I do it daily. Why right this moment I’m moving my fingers across the keyboard and typing these words.

I’m not sure why I felt I needed to start with that, but I feel it’s helpful in understanding this video. This sum’bitch was made as I moved across the country in an aeroplane. Of course this wasn’t west to east across the country, this was south to north across the country. Unfortunately for all involved, this is only a time lapse to the from Los Angeles to the skies of the Northwest. The camera I used (which you probably won’t be able to guess, and I’ll keep a secret) ran out of power about 30 minutes before landing between Seattle and Tacoma at SeaTac airport. All in all, the camera did last a pretty long time, but it was assisted with a battery pack.

Long story short, here’s a time lapse of a flight from Los Angeles to the skies of the pacific northwest.

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