Toasting Waffles Time Lapse

1 min read

Timelapse photography is amazing. It shows you show much in such a short time. The impossible seems possible because of timelapse. We can see giant, year long changes happen in less than a minute. We can watch the whole night pass us by in 30 seconds. Everything can be more fun and more exciting. Even making toast is more exciting when done through timelapse. At least that’s what I have done there.

Yes, this is how toast becomes exciting. You’re left waiting, wondering, hoping, that something will happen. Shoot, you know it will happen, but when will the toast be done? It should be soon, right? But how soon? Is it really happening? Are we sure it’s set up correctly? Those are the stressful and important questions that come while making a toast timelapse. Now to answer them:

When’s it going to pop up!?!?!!??!!??!?!!???!!!??!!?!?!!???!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!?

Oh my god, that was stressful.

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