Creek Fire from Burbank Airport

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The fall of 2017 was (still is, because I’m writing this in the fall of 2017) an intense time for fires in southern California and the Los Angeles area. There was one particular week where there were fires all around the city. It was a smoke filled week of choking when you breathe.

The worst of the fires is still burning all these weeks later, the Thomas fire. It’s just outside of Los Angeles in Ventura county. It’s one of the biggest in California history. This fire is the Creek fire. It’s on the other side of the valley from where the Thomas fire is (well, they’re further apart than that, but that’s the simplest way I can say it). It was very intense too. As you can see there was lots of smoke and it was near the airport, which caused the planes to adjust their takeoffs and landings.

Within a few days the Creek fire was taken care of, along with many of the other fires. Hopefully the Thomas fire is out soon enough too. All these fires and all the smoke haven’t helped make much fun in the warm California sun.

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