UnderTwoReview: GoJo Hands Free

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GoJo Hands Free

The GoJo Hands Free? What in the hell is that!?!

Well, it’s a thing you attach to your phone, then pull over your head and use to have hands free phone conversations. Coming in at much bigger than the biggest bluetooth headset it’s also pretty stupid.

The piece itself is a headband made of plastic that’s fitted with a small suction cup on one side. That’s all there is to it. I’d like to think people have created their own at home with a princess headband and a shower wall suction cup, but since this product isn’t the most… enchanting, I doubt anyone tried to create their own.

However, if it works, then why not use it? It just has to do the job you want it to and then there’s no reason to be upset with your purchase. That’s why UnderTwoReview gave it a look over and put it to the test.

Take a look and see if you agree with their conclusion.

Did you agree? Well? Did you?

Why are you holding back. You can disagree if you want to. Geez. You people.

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