What It Looks Like When a City Neighborhood Goes Dark

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KTown Blackout TN

Most everyone is dependent on electricity. Shit, if you didn’t have it right now then you wouldn’t be able to see this post… if you’re the one person that’s looking at this post.

Our dependency on power also means that our whole cities can stop in the blink of an eye. Sometimes this results in huge crazy events, like what happened in New York City those few times, or it can result in a boring scene where everyone stays inside their homes and off the roads until power comes back on. Most of the time we see the boring power outages. Not that it’s a bad thing. A night full of riots and fires doesn’t sound like the coolest thing to experience, especially if it’s in complete darkness.

Speaking of boring nights and complete darkness, one night the power in Korea Town, Los Angeles, went down. It was an intense hour. One where people couldn’t watch T.V. or use their desktop computers.┬áKids went unsatisfied with life, cars went uncharged, and phones that were near death had to accept their fate.

It was a cruel hour. A mean hour. A desperate hour. An hour of darkness. An hour of silence. An hour of fear…

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