Spider Hides Under Picture Frame Glass

1 min read

If you don’t like spiders than this is the video for you!

There was a small dot on a picture, when I went to remove it I realized that it wasn’t a dot at all. It was a spider hiding under the glass.

Perhaps he enjoyed the country view.

After evaluating my situation, I determined my options.

One: Leave the spider alone. Allow it to grow. Have it crawl out at night and feed on me until I am dead. Or, have it eat me alive in one night.

Two: Squish the spider into the picture. Ruin the photo, have a lot of cleaning to do. Be upset that my picture is wrecked because of a confused, yet creative spider.

Three: Open the frame, pull the picture out, go to the window and blow the spider off into the courtyard. Return the picture to the frame and be ok.

I debated for hours. I didn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, when I finally decided to try to take the spider outside he was gone. Hidden again. Growing in size. Gaining a bigger and bigger appetite. Planning an attack. Waiting for me to sleep…

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