Cat Stung By Bee Aftermath

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A bee entered. Immediately the bee waged a war against a vicious beast more than 100 times it’s size. During the brawl the bee held onto the chin of the beastly predator, attempting to gain some kind of footing. This didn’t last, as the vicious predator was only the beginning.

The predator himself wasn’t the top beast that day, no. The predator was being watched, trained even, by a much bigger monster. One that has dominated the planet in a relatively short time. One that knows how to grab a piece of junk mail, harden it by folding it over itself, and to use that hardened junk mail to separate the two fighting warriors. That’s right. There was a human there that day. The human had seen his smaller predator friend go after the bee, the human had watched the struggle and the grabbing of the chin by the bee. The human knew it was finally time to act. They held the junk mail tight and used it to scrap the bee from the fur of the smaller predator. The bee released its grip and fell from their perch to the floor. The fight was now over. The only thing left was to move the bee to the outdoors, which was done. Respect was given to the brave warrior bee. A respect that few will know. That bee may have taken on a major predator and lost, but they took on the major predator and that’s more than most.

Enjoy the trip to Valhalla young warrior bee. You deserve your resting place. We will remember you.

To the predator that fought the brave bee. You did well. You didn’t stray from your duties. You never faltered. You never showed even the slightest inkling of fear. You held your ground just as you always have. In the end, you were wounded in battle. A strike to the chin. The bee delivered a blow with its spear. The blow was a direct hit. The wound was severe. The impact was seen almost immediately. Recovery was going to be long, difficult, and arduous. But you were going to see through the ordeal with little to no complaints. Young Snake, you truly are the warrior we all know you to be.

So that’s basically what happened. Here’s the aftermath of Snake getting stung in the lower jaw while fighting a bee.

Bee Sting 1
Bee Sting 2
Bee Sting 3

Honestly, look at how cute that dude’s little double chin was during this time!!! So freakin’ cute!

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