The Coffee

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Introduced to the Americas in 1668, coffee was once a drink that only the rich and famous could afford. As a matter of fact, that’s how it gained popularity. Celebrities were seen drinking coffee on TMZ or TMZ like shows and magazines, and the regulars decided that they wanted to look cool, too. Thus, the coffee explosion happened. More Americans started drinking coffee than ever before. The boom was incredible. There was more than a 1000% increase of coffee drinkers from the year before. The people loved it. As long as they could get it.

As we all know, getting coffee is easy these days. There’s a cafe on almost every corner of every city in the world. At least a couple gallons of the stuff is drank by the world’s population every single day. It could even be 3 or even more gallons of coffee dranken by the population daily. I’m no math person, but that seems like an achievable number.

Well, back in the old days not nearly as many people were drinking the stuff, so it wasn’t as easy to find. I’m sure people like George Washington had baristas (slaves, they were slaves) in their houses, but the regular people didn’t have it so easy. They had to walk to the coffee tree, milk the beans, then heat it up over a fire until it was hot. That was every day. Every. Single. Day. I couldn’t imagine.

Thankfully we don’t have to go through that anymore. Some of us are even able to make a jug of coffee in our own houses. I think that’s probably were this idea came from.

The Coffee:

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