The Water

2 min read

Have you ever had water? What did it taste like? What did it feel like? How did it affect your life? Were you surprised by any change that occurred, if a change did occur? What were your expectations? Were you let down? Were you lifted up? Were you surprised in anyway?

Those are the questions that lead to the classic short film, The Water.

The Water explores an element of life that’s typically overlooked. Many people don’t drink water at all. As a matter of fact, of all the lifeforms that have ever existed on the planet earth, only a fraction of them currently drink the liquid. A small fraction too.

This short film addresses this ongoing issue through the lens of a young male who is thirsty for water. He would like some water. He almost needs some water. He is enchanted by the water. And by the end of the film, one might even say he IS the water. Of course one might also say that he ISN’T the water. There’s always a chance that one might not even say anything at all. At that point, with nothing to discuss, one might contemplate. Perhaps, one may even contemplate drinking water.

I now present: The Water.

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