Chair Stealing and Running into the Street Chaos – Downtown LA

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I was hanging out in a really cool alley in downtown Los Angeles. It’s full of cafe’s and art with lofts and business spaces above. A very unique hidden piece of Los Angeles.

As I stood their checking things out I heard a man yelling aggressively. I couldn’t tell why or what about, and since I was downtown I was thinking much of it. Then I spotted him, carrying two laundry bags and wearing no shirt.

He entered the alley and walk to the cigarette kiosk. The kiosk had an open door with snacks hanging on it. He stopped to look and was looking like he was going to grab something and walk away with it when the employee looked out the door. The guy did some yelling at the employee about how they both knew what he was about to do, then continued down the alley.

It was quiet for a moment until I started hearing some yelling from a cafe owner. The guy had now taken a folding chair and was walking away with it. The owner of the chair wasn’t planning on letting him go.

As he walked away with the cafe owner chasing him, he keep yelling. Finally stopping and turning around with the chair folded in his hands and raised above his head. He threatened to hit the cafe owner with it.

A couple of other owners came over at this point and pulled the chair owning owner away.

That’s when I finally got my camera out.

The chair stealer took the chair and headed out to the street. He immediately chased a guy into the street with it. Then stood in the street and yelled. Then went back and forth before walking back to the sidewalk I was on, opening the chair, telling everyone he was claiming the chair, and sitting down.

Finally a couple of security guards for the building came out and calmed him down, got the chair back, and had him move on.

The security was pretty amazing, actually. They handled it better than I would have.


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