How To Open a Pop Can With A Broken Tab

1 min read

Opening a pop can/soda can and having the tab break is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in life. Yep. The absolute worst thing I’ve ever experienced.

Now you might say “hey Jack, you haven’t experienced much if that’s the worst thing you’ve experienced” to which I say, STFU. I have no time for your BS and complaints. Clearly I’m going through something here and it starts with my stupid pop can not opening because the tab broke. It was all I wanted today and I lose. It’s crap. I’m not happy. This is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.

One time, when this happened, I called my therapist to talk it over. We spoke for a good 2 hours about the situation. Finally he gave me some advice on how to deal with it. I used the advice. I’m not sure if I’m over what initially happened, but at least I have a work around for now.

Here is what we did:

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