I’m pretty sure this is why McDonald’s doesn’t do dip cones anymore

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McDonalds Dip Cone Tiny

Think what you may of McDonald’s. Sure, sometimes their food tastes like cardboard, literally. However, sometimes their food is the salty mess you’ve been waiting for.

On this day I was craving a chocolate dip cone. Something that McDonald’s had brought to their menu for a limited time. I ordered it a few times, with varied results. The best always being the teens that dipped it until there was a shell harder than the cone. Those were fantastic. The worst, however, was this one. This sad display of what should be something delicious.

After receiving this sorry excuse for a chocolate dip cone I realized that McDonald’s probably never trained anyone on how to make one. They installed the machines and said “I’m sure you can figure it out.” then walked off.

One thing, though, is that I always find myself disappointed with McDonald’s when it comes to things like this, when I really shouldn’t be. Clearly this is what McDonald’s is these days. I shouldn’t complain, I should just accept it.

Now if there was only a damn Dairy Queen near…

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