Is ‘Island Of Death’ The True Worst Movie Of All Time?

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Bad movies are normally a fun way to kill time. A way to turn your mind off, watch something stupid, and pretend the dumbest things are possible, no matter how much the bad acting will try to push you back into reality.

Island Of Death, however, is not one of these movies. It’s so bad it’s almost angering. “Why did they do that?” “Why is she enjoying this now?” “What the hell just happened?” “That’s gross.” “What did I just see?”

Those are just some of the phrases that you may (and probably will) yell at your TV when you’re watching this movie.

The movie itself is about a couple on vacation in Greece. They roam around having sex with any and everything, while killing any and everything. Honestly, when written out like that, it sounds like a great movie. Once you start watching the waste of film, then you begin to realize that anything can sound cool if you phrase it correctly.

Speaking of, one of the big calling cards for this movie was the fact that it was banned all over the place. It was banned so hard that it’s tag line is “the movie that the censors don’t want you to see.” I don’t know if the censors were offended or just trying to do everyone a favor. I’m kind of thinking they were doing everyone a favor.

On top of all of terribleness and poor film making the film maker Nico Mastorakis admitted to having made the film for money only. Getting the idea after watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the theaters a few years before. The whole point of the movie was for people to enjoy sex and violence.

That final point is actually why I think it’s as bad as it is. Most bad films have some passion behind them, that’s why we can get lost in the story. This movie doesn’t have anything behind it. Just the idea that people will watch it because it’s sex and violence, not for anything else.

Anyway, no matter how bad I say this movie is, no matter how much of a waste of time I think it will be for you, I still strongly suggest checking it out and experiencing what might be THE worst movie of all time.

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