Top 5 Amounts of Weed Tommy Chong has Smoked

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Top 5 Amounts of Weed Tommy Chong has Smoked

Remember Tommy Chong? No? Oh, I figured you would. He’s pretty famous.

Although smoking weed is only an extension of Tommy Chong, it is not why he is famous or solely who he is. Tommy Chong is a comedian who is best known for smoking weed in movies. That’s right, movies. He’s an actor and he’s playing a part. He doesn’t actually smoke that much weed. He doesn’t at all.

Conversely, Tommy Chong is a weed smoking champ. Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson would be passed out while Wiz Khalifa stares into a mirror debating his own existence as Mr Chong sparks up another because he “isn’t quite there yet.” Keith Richards wonders how Tommy is still smoking. That’s how much of a champion stoner Tommy Chong is.

Things brings me to my question. Just how much weed has that guy smoked? If you had to put it into words, what would those words be?

Top 5 Amounts of Weed Tommy Chong Has Smoked:

Wait, what?

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