Unicorn Street Drummer

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Unicorn Street Drummer

A street performer in Seattle, Washington, jams out while playing a sweet beat. Just when we get a view, everything takes an unexpected turn.

Who would have thought a beast like him would be allowed to play in the streets. Why hasn’t the city stepped in and tried to help?

There are so many concerns. Is he an endangered species, or just the parent that is full blooded? Clearly he’s not full blooded.
Should we let him be and continue to perform on the street, or should be pull him aside and let the courts and hospitals take care of things?

Personally, I think we (as a society) force the beast into the circus. He does not have to be part of the freak show, with his talents he could go far as a drummer. However, a circus would know more about how to handle him than any other groups.


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