When a Tree Falls on Your Car

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I walked out of my apartment one day and looked up to where my car was parked. A tree had fallen onto it during the night.

It was terrible.

Here are the pictures I took that day. This car is long gone from my possession, but I know it continues to kick ass and fulfilling its automotive duties.

Tree on Impala 5 copy

^ The first thing I saw when I walked out of the building.

Tree on Impala 3 copy

Closer inspection. It didn’t break a window.

Tree on Impala 1 copy

The other side. I’m starting to see my luck in this crappy situation.

Tree on Impala 2 copy

Only leaves and small branches hit the car. The big stuff missed!
I backed out with only minor scratches that I could barely see.

Tree on Impala 4 copy

It looks gnarly looking from the other direction.

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