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Before Bat Sonar there was Jef.
Jef is Jef Tamarind, a shy young man of unknown age and origin. He was found at a strip mall in Van Nuys. He is a talented individual with only one real skill, and that is echolocation.

Jef can use echolocation to find anything outside of the love and compassion of his family. He is known to be found in the woods or parks. He likes to spend his time enjoying nature and showing off his talent.

Jef is a man of little means, but he makes them work.

This is Jef’s trailer.

Meet Jef:

For those curious, this was from my first short film. I was struggling to edit Bat Sonar and did this while brain storming. Although most won’t believe me, the poor quality and blown out video was actually a choice. I didn’t have access to an old VHS camera, so I had to blow it out in camera and do more to mess it up in post. Yes, I do think of these things and you should too. If you want to make a short film or a movie, think of every part of it. Every. Single Part. And make sure it’s exactly what you envisioned.

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