Roseanne and Order

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Roseanne was a television show about a regular family living in a regular home during regular times. They struggled. They fought. Things didn’t always work out. It was one of the most real shows to ever be on TV. They didn’t pretend everyone was happy. They didn’t pretend everything always works out for the best. They didn’t pretend anything and that was amazing.

This show might have had more of an impact on me than others, since it always felt like my family was like theirs. We were loud and would fight all the time, but we still have each others backs. It was cool to see that on TV. On top of that, the storylines were real. They weren’t fake or embellished to make the world work out for the stars. It was real working class people and they were portrayed perfectly by the cast. They all hit exactly what they were supposed to be. It was great.

Now there’s a whole lot more to the story because the main character is based on the real person Roseanne Barr and she has had some “Ambien” driven public statements that leave a lot of us confused. I’m not going to say much further than that, because I’m positive you already have your own opinions.

In any case, here’s an edit I made long before all the not so fun-fun happened. Who knew that Roseanne and Law & Order were meant to be together?

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