Kitten Fun Time #2

1 min read

Look at this kitten! Look at him! Look at how insanely cute he is!

2014-05-31 23.44.19 copy copy

Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Worried Kitten Face copy 2

I give up. This is too cute. I’m freaking out.

Wearing a Cape_Bigger

I can’t handle this. This post is overloaded.

Trapped Under The Glass copy

He’s so cute I’m going to puke.

Tongue Out on Blanket_Bigger

First Blood!

Snake's First Blood copy

Yeah, that was the first time he cut me. Still incredibly cute.

Cooling on the Bed copy

Wouldn’t you want to wake up next to this cuteness?

Biting the Keyboard copy

Crap. I can’t take it. How am I still looking? He’s way too cute.

Sleeping Weird on the Bed

The silliest and cutest sleeping pose of all time.

After getting tutored…

Unhappy Cone copy

Even though he hated me at this moment, he’s still very cute in the picture.

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