When The Power’s Out Everyone Pretends The Lights Are Green

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In the most dangerous of all moves by the drivers of Los Angeles is ignoring the rule that states that when a traffic light is out, the intersection should be used as a 4-way stop.

Maybe, if you can’t see that there’s even a light in the intersection, then you get a pass on not stopping. However, if it’s day time, and the light is clearly out, don’t go blasting through the intersection like you automatically have the right of way. It’s seriously one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen people do. If I drove into the intersection anytime in the video other than when I did, I would have been blasted and it would have been there fault. The dash cam would have proved it. It probably would have been a pretty great video, too. Oh well, I guess it’s best I wasn’t shot out the rear window from the force of getting t-boned at 50mph (that’s 80.5 for you worldly types.)

What I’m talking about here is a recent storm hitting my village. The power was knocked out across many areas. The next day, this particular light was still out, or was temporarily out for some line repairs someone. Whatever the reason may be, it was out. That’s what I’m saying. The light at this intersection was out. Not working.

Here’s how the other drivers on the road felt the intersection should be treated:

Pretty cool right?

I love driving here. It’s always an adventure and you never know if you’re going to make it out alive.

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