How To Drive in Los Angeles Vol. 14

2 min read

In today’s version of How To Drive in Los Angeles, we get to not only see the fun of driving through downtown, but there’s a car wreck in there!

It’s great. Two cars fighting to park in a no stopping zone. It’s a good reminder why no stopping zones are no stopping zones. It’s not like the city thought it would just be a funny little prank to pull.

I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that the Prius was an Uber. I say that because 90% of Prius’ on the road are Uber cars, at least here in Los Angeles. Next time you’re out driving around check out the windows of the Prius’ driving passed. I’d bet you $1 that a strong majority are taxi app drivers. I guess that’s not the worst thing, probably best for everyone if the cars that are sitting in traffic the most are ones that can at least be partially electric. Until super charging stations that can power up a vehicle in under 60 seconds come around.

Alright, so besides the Prius being an Uber, there’s a lot of other stuff going on, including my favorite pedestrian in all of the area he was jay walking in. Not because he jay walked, I wasn’t so interested in that, but check out how careless he is about it? It’s great. He doesn’t speed up or anything, just casually blocks everyone as he slowly walks through the red. It’s a fantastic display.

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