Two Wheeling

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Enough with the cages, dammit! Lets get some real road warriors out there. Ones that allow the wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth, and give your crotch time to heat up while airing out!

Time for some motorcycles.


There’s nothing like a classic motorcycle with a sidecar. The best thing you could ever see rolling down the road.


Unfortunately, I had heard this ride is no more. Gone to the gods of bad drivers as someone side swiped it. Totaling both the motorcycle and sidecar.


This smooth looking Triumph doesn’t need to look fast to kick your ass. Then again, maybe it’s not that fast. I’m not that sure.


When in doubt, go custom and get something badass.


The beautifully oversized looking Indian Scout.


GOLD!?! Who paints their bike gold!?! Well, it works. So whatever. I’m just surprised.


Time to get that rust out of there and bring this beast back to life.


Electric Motorcycles!?! Now I’ve see everything! Side note, it was pretty kick ass. I didn’t get any video of it in use, though.


The monster. I have no idea what is is, but it looks like a beast of a ride.


Hanging with friends.

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