Stopping on the Freeway

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What’s the most fun part of driving on the freeway late at night?

If you didn’t say “waiting for someone in front of you to slam on the brakes and nearly cause an accident as they make sure not to miss their exit” then I don’t think I even want to know you.

Seriously, it’s the most fun thing. The heart racing as you push down on the brakes as they slowly crawl across all the lanes, making everything worse than it should be. Oh my! What an exciting event. What can make it even better is havingĀ people getĀ forced off the road completely as they try to avoid colliding with the stopper (stoppee?).

I think what I like the most about it is turning an average drive home into a moment of fear and rage. Instead of calming yourself down and beginning the unwinding process, you get to engine a brand new stress headache.

So what is it that got me on this topic? This video of someone stopping on the freeway, of course!

Nothing like a good stop.

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