Snake the Tailless Kitten Falls Off the Bed Again

2 min read

Have you ever seen a kitten as cute as this little guy? Have you? No you haven’t and you’re a liar if you try to argue with me on this one. Snake was the cutest kitten the planet had ever seen and he has grown into the most manly violent predator the world will ever know (he asked that I add that part).

This lil’ dude has taken a few tumbles over time. It’s extremely cute when he does. Small little furry kittens always look extremely cute when they fall. It’s why we watch so many videos of them taking a spill.

This is actually Snakes second fall, his first one was probably cuter. It was his first fall, after all. It was after a sneeze and he was trying to attack, so that all added to it. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here.

This time he was more prepared. At least mentally, because he didn’t mean to fall at all. No matter what he tells you, it wasn’t his plan. He really wanted to get in a good bite and clawing of the human hand. He was only thrown off by the pleasure of the neck scratching. Don’t listen to his lies about doing it on purpose. He’s just trying to save some dignity. Which is weird for a cat, but Snake isn’t your average cat.

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