Snake the Tailless Kitten Falls Off The Bed

1 min read

Have you ever seen the cutest kitten in the whole wide world fall off the bed? Not yet? That’s ok. You can watch it right now… seriously. Go click it. Watch it. Then come back. Have you seen it? No? Ok, I’ll wait a little longer for you to watch it before I go on.

Ok, now you’re good, right? Yeah? Good.


So cute! This dude just brings the cute. He doesn’t care what anyone does or says, he’s going to be there with cute on. It’s his thing. He has it down. It’s like he’s been training for this his whole life. Just impossibly cute. Unimaginably cute. Well, that’s not true, because you can do more than imagine, you can even see him being this cute.

You know what? Watch it again. Watch it a few time. I know I’m going to. This guy. What a cute little guy!

He was totally ok. He might be a kitten, but kittens are cats and he landed on his feet.

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