Snake the Tailless Kitten Tries to Join the Dinosaur Fight

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If a kitten were to face off against a dinosaur in some imaginary world, it would be a spectacle for the ages. The pint-sized furball, armed with nothing but curiosity, would undoubtedly pounce fearlessly. In this showdown, the kitten’s antics might charm the prehistoric giant, turning a potential clash into an unexpected friendship and teaching us all that sometimes, even in the most improbable circumstances, harmony can triumph over chaos.

Or the dinosaur would step on the kitten, but most likely the kitten would bite the dino into submission. AI writes the weirdest shit. The above was what it thought would happen if they were in a fight. This is me describing reality. We all know that a kitten has extremely sharp teeth and claws. As large and violent as the dinosaurs were, a modern kitten would be far more violent than anything they could have expected.

Kitten: 1. Dinosaurs: 0.

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