Speeding in Place Vol 2

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The world is full of cool cars. Some are driven on the roads, others are hidden away as if they will somehow drive better by never being used… Oh, wait, those people by cars as collector items, which never makes sense. Anyway, here are some more awesome cars found while car spotting.

Cobra 1 - Finished

Might be a kit Shelby, might not be. In the building this was taken it could have been either. However, something tells me it’s a kit.

Grey Viper 1 - Finished

This Viper, and every other Viper, is the best Viper.

Grey Viper 2 - Finished

Have you ever seen such an amazing car? No? No. Because the Dodge Viper will always be amazing.

Lamborghini - Finished

What’s that? A daily driven Lamborghini? Why yes! Of course! Just try not to get stuck in traffic on those hot summer days.

Mclaren 1 - Finished

Mc what? Mac? Laren? I don’t know anyone named Laren.

Mclaren 2 - Finished

Another picture of Laren. Apparently it’s a mac of some kind?

McLaren P1 1 - Finished

Pssh, another one of these things? Someone told me it’s actually spelled MacLaren, but I don’t believe them. It’s gotta be Laren, right? A Laren Pee Uno.

McLaren P1 3 - Finished

No way! The badge was on this one the whole time!!! It is a McLaren! I never would have guessed. Wait… why is it just sitting in the middle of the street?

Pantera 2 - Finished

Word on the street is that the band Pantera always hoped to have these given to them in exchange for the free advertisement the car was receiving.

Pantera 1 - Finished

My god, look under that rear cover… I think this car would kill most people.

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