Top 5 Worst Injuries According to Middle School Boys

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Top 5 Worst Injuries According to Middle School Boys

“Holy cow, Mrs. James. That looked like the worst injury I’ve ever seen. Ever seen ever.”

If you were to hear this sentence you would assume it was from someone in school, possibly young, and someone whole had just seen an injury.

If you had assumed that already, please give yourself a pat on the back as that is exactly what I was going for. More specifically, I was looking to give off that middle schooler vibe. I’ll admit, I might have gone a little too young, but not young enough that I’m going to go back and change it. No way, no how.

The point of this is to let you know that not only are there injuries ahead, but there are middle schoolers ahead too.

If you were to poll a group of middle school boys and ask them what the worst injury they could think of was they would most likely come to the same conclusion. After telling them to be more specific you might be something along the lines of these answers.

Top 5 Worst Injuries According To Middle School Boys:

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