UnderTwoReview: Ove Glove

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Ove Glove

You don’t know about the Ove Glove? Why don’t you already know about the Ove Glove? It’s been around for years and years. It’s not like Chia Pet old, but it’s still pretty old. You don’t go throwing out your grandma just because she’s old, right? Well, maybe you do. I wouldn’t.

Anyway, just because something is old doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be looked over and tested. You wouldn’t simply assume your grandma is doing fine even though the green goo dripping from her mouth clearly shows that she isn’t, right? Then again, maybe you do. I’m not you and I don’t want to go judging just because of the relationship you have with your grandma. However, this is another thing I wouldn’t do. In my book, you take grandma to the hospital for tests when she’s dripping green goo.

This is why the fine people at UnderTwoReview went ahead and put the Oven Gloven to the test. Like your grandma, they wanted to give it a check up and see if it is still holding up.

After all, if it were worth it, then it should not only stand the test of time, but also any of the scrutiny these guys will put it through, right? Just like they did with your grandma.

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