Why Can’t You Park?

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Maybe self driving automobiles will finally bring an end to this terrible epidemic. Probably not, but it could! You never know! Stranger things have happened!

Once I actually saw someone park in a handicap space without a plaque or a plate that says it’s ok. They got out of the car, started walking into the store, then stopped and went back. They moved their car from the handicap space to a normal one, because they weren’t handicap. It was crazy! I was ready to have a bag of nails accidentally fall out of my pants and in front of his tires. Once he went back and changed his mind, I remembered to secure the bag of nails in my pants a bit better. I guess that means it worked out well for both of us.

Anyway, people that don’t fix their bad parking jobs suck.

Parking Problems 7
Parking Problems 6
Parking Problems 10
Parking Problems 5
Parking Problems 4
Parking Problems 9
Parking Problems 3
Parking Problems 2
Parking Problems 1
Parking Problems 8
This looks more like a team effort to not get parked in though.

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