Cat’s Box Investigation Almost Turns Into a Disaster

2 min read

Yo, cat’s need to investigate. That’s part of their livelihood. They are curious for a reason and investigation is something they absolutely have to do, no matter what. No. Matter. What. Well, unless someone makes a noise. That’s going to startle them and send them into protection mode, where they’re going to hide.

Investigations don’t always go as planned, especially for cats. You see, cats are goofballs and they need to continue being goofballs to keep the attention of humans and distract us from the atrocities they commit in the wild as the second top extinction maker of the planet (you can look in the mirror to see number one). Not only are they distracting us with goofballism, but they have a serious case of cuteness. Cuteness helps a whole lot, too. “Aw, how sweet. He brought me a mouse head on a pike. What a tough little warrior our little Puddin’ Pop is.” See! They get away with bringing you a mouse head on a pike (how did they even get it on the pike!?!) because they’re cute. Even when they rub their faces – covered in the blood of their enemies – against you.

I can’t complain too much. Snake is awesome and I encourage him to stick to his warrior routes. Not that he gets to do much hunting in the wild, but he is prepared to attack if needed. This little dude isn’t a soft indoor cat. He’s a violent predator of an indoor cat.

Wow, I have gone so off track from what this was supposed to be about. To right this ship, I’m just going to push on through. Here’s Snake getting stuck in a box while he does his investigations.

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