Driver Stops and Waits for Green Light to Turn Red

Just because the stop light has turned green doesn’t mean it won’t turn red again really soon.

It’s always best to err on the side on caution instead of being dangerously reckless by driving through the green. After all, is a green light an international symbol for “go”? I’m not sure. I haven’t been to every space on the planet. Shoot, I haven’t been outside of my parents basement in over 6 years at this point. Not that I really have a choice. If I don’t take care of the roaches down here no one else will and they’ll die or leave. I couldn’t live with myself if the roaches died.

I shouldn’t have gotten personal, but I feel like it’s good sometimes. It shows you all who I really am. Just a simple friend of the roaches that never leaves a basement.

Back to the green light situation. What I’m saying here is that green lights could simply be there to remind people of the color green. They could have nothing to do with the road. That’s why you always proceed with caution, and if that means causing the person behind you to rear end you at full speed then so be it. They shouldn’t be driving so fast near a green light anyway.



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