Corvette Smash

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How many sports cars do you have? If you’re anything like me then the answer is many. I have many sports cars. Most all of them are imagined, but they’re still mine. I drive them around on weekends and such. Sometimes I get a little wild and lose them around a corner, but I always regain control before anything drastic happens. Unfortunately, not everyone has the driving skills I possess. I’m a rarity. I’ve never so much as bumped the curb with my many sports cars. Others though, others have gotten into some shit.

Take this Corvette for example. The driver was cruising along at what I can only imagine was the speed limit or less, when they suddenly lost control and slammed into a parked SUV which then crashed into the parked van in front of it. Worst of all, there was an innocent trash can between the SUV and van, which I do not believe survived.

I wish I had been able to film the incident as it happened, I missed it only by a few minutes. As you can see from the video, the cops hadn’t shown up, there was no ambulance either. One thing I did notice was that everyone was standing near the cars and talking. I would imagine that means no one was injured in the wreck.

As for the damage, the SUV was a complete goner. I’m not sure about the van, maybe just a new tailgate there. The Corvette… wow. It looked like the Corvette could have backed out from the wreck and drove on. I’m sure the front bumper was a loss, but it didn’t look torn off, just damaged. The hood was up a bit too, so maybe the radiator would have been damaged… if that’s where the radiator is on a Corvette. In any case, the Corvette as a whole looked pretty much perfect. I would buy it if it was a cheap salvaged title after this. Seriously.

Without further stalling for word count, here’s the aftermath of the Corvette crash:

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