Highway Patrol Busts Impatient Driver

2 min read

My highest viewed video on YouTube is this video of a CHiP busting an impatient driver.

The video is simple in its elegance. It’s extremely rewarding to watch, and I couldn’t have been happier to have caught it on camera. I do not take pleasure in other people getting tickets, that sucks. I do, however, take joy in watching karma actually happen. Especially when it’s quick.

This incident happened on the interstate 405 onramp after a long day of work. Traffic sucked as usual, because that’s what happens in a city of 10+ million people. In order to get onto the freeway there’s a long, long wait. The line up of cars normally goes through at least one other intersection. To say we’ve been waiting patiently to get onto what’s probably a slow freeway, is being generous.

As fate would have it, this day one of my fellow drivers didn’t have the patience the rest of us did. They must have had diarrhea and were in a rush to get home as fast as possible. Instead of trying to merge (push) into traffic before the entrance, this turtle heading driver decided that creating their own lane and making it a turn lane would be a better idea. Lucky for us, as they did this the California Highway Patrol that they didn’t see in front of them, was watching in their review mirror. And that’s when the fun started.

I’ll let you watch the rest, but imagine that heart race this person was going through. Must have been a quiet and tense moment in the car while they were waiting on the onramp.

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