How To Drive in Los Angeles Vol. 16

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“People suck! People su-uck! People suck!”

Those are the lyrics to the song I sing when I’m driving. It’s mainly because people suck at driving, but I guess you could use the song for any situation. People do, and will always, suck. Not that everyone sucks, just most people.

Wait, wait, that’s a little too harsh. Most people don’t suck. Just a strong majority of the people that are in my way while I’m driving/doing whatever else I’m doing. This isn’t something I’ve just decided on, it’s something I’ve learned over time. For a long time I didn’t want to believe it, but I finally accepted what is known by older generations everywhere, people suck.

This episode of people suck is called How To Drive in Los Angeles Volume 16. Actually, I’ve never used the full word “Volume” in any of these, so really it’s How To Drive in Los Angeles Vol. 16. No matter how you want to spell it, it’s another clear display of people sucking.

Without any further hesitation:


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