Kitten Explores His New Home

1 min read

Exploring a new home is fantastic. You get to find all the cool new stuff. See all the new appliances. Check out the windows, doors, curtains, toys, objects that will become toys, your kitty litter, everything. It really is a fun experience. That is why kittens do it too. Especially kittens, actually. Kittens love exploring.

That’s where we catch up with this little dude. Little Snake got to explore his new home. He got to run around and find spots to hid, things to go under, things to climb onto, things to look at, things to splash around, and all sorts of other stuff. The little dude was looking around like he only knows how to have fun and that was his job. No problem with that, though. Kittens get to do whatever they want.

You know what? I’m not even going to get much more into this one. Watch lil’ Snake Plissken’s tiny little self as he runs around and explores his one time new digs. Such a tiny little dude at the time.

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